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Participators should fill the Enter page,with all the information required.

Before uploading, please prepare your submission by confirming the following:

1. Make sure you fill your email address. The committee will contact you by this email address.

2. Write in advance the title and description of your works in English (for the Jury to understand).

3. Send us your digital files saved as JPG, 72 dpi, RGB (not CMYK), 1024 pixels on the longest side, less than 500KB.

The awarded entries will be asked later to send a new, higher resolution file, after the Jury decisions.

4. At the end of the Enter page, after uploading the works, participators will be asked to pay the entry fee, with Paypal or Credit Card:

Single Image Entry/Student - $20 (US dollars) (Students can send up to 5 images)

2 Images Entry - $30 (US dollars)

Multiple Image Entry (up to 5 images)- $40 (US dollars)


​(these fees are needed to support the jury´s expenses, the publication of the digital book, the magazines in Instagram and Facebook, Awards certificates, web structure and more)

5. If you pay with paypal using a different name, please inform the contestant name in the paypal text box.



How do I qualify for student entry?

Student is work made while doing any course, either an MA, Doctorate or other. So, if you already graduated but you work was done during an academic year, you can send it as student.

Why is this a paid competition?

Unfortunately we have many expenses with the jury, our annual book and site maintenance,our digital magtazines, the Awards certificates and more, wich adds to thousands of dollars. So, we really need to be paid for the competition. But we have one of the lowest fees in the market, starting at just $20 (and students can send 5 images for this fee).

I tried to upload the images and they got distorted in the preview. Are they OK?

Yes, we receive the images OK. It is just the view when the images are uploaded.

When will the results be announced?

Up to 2 months after the final deadline.

Where will the results be announced?

We will publish the results in our website, Facebook and Instagram pages. ONLY AWARDED ENTRIES WILL BE INFORMED BY EMAIL.

Will you confirm my entry and payment?

The online entry system will email the submitter an automatic email upon submitting an entry. Payment has to be confirmed in your Paypal or Credit card account page.

May I submit physical samples?

No. Entries are to be submitted online only.

Can I enter one project into multiple categories?

Yes, but you must enter a separate entry form for each entry.

I don’t know which category to put my piece in?

Select the category that best represents your entry. If the jury feels another category is more appropriate, we will switch the category on your behalf.

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